Injection Moulding

We Mould the Basis of Your Quality Product

Silwa A/S is a modern, high-tech business that manufactures injection-moulded plastic parts – especially technical items – for several industries, including the graphics industry, hearing aid, electrical products, medical and similar industries. These customers set high demands on precision and quality. Silwa also handles other orders, such as producing cooling fans and guard plates for engines, windmill components, and a range of products for the horticulture sector.

From Development to End Product

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have massive know-how and expertise to advise our customers on any stage of the production process. We are pleased to assist with product development based on the customer’s ideas, first draft or prototype through testing and approval of the end product. Accordingly, we guarantee you problem-free production of the finished parts in both large and small batches.

0.005-1100 Grams – But Quality Always Features Heavily

We specialize in injection-moulded parts ranging from 0.005-1100 grams, where quality always takes centre stage, regardless of the nature of the job.

At Silwa, we operate machinery consisting of both traditional machines and high-tech computerized machines. We also offer special services such as pad printing and refinishing, as well as assembly.
Silwa operates a documented quality system according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2000, which means that our quality control systems function perfectly at all stages. Just as we work with minute tolerances in our production, we tolerate no deviation either in quality or from the agreed delivery dates.

You can feel secure in every way when doing business with us.

We Are Always Flexible

Silwa has a well-organized organization with short command paths, making us very flexible and often able to handle rush jobs that arrive at the last minute or later. Silwa is well prepared in this area, thanks to our capable and experienced staff, who have many years’ experience in the business and who are always open to going that extra mile.
Silwa Plastics will be pleased to meet your needs. Contact us and let us know how we can help You.