A lot of water has flowen under the bridge since 1970 when Poul Lunde set up his machine factory on Faaborgvej in south-west Odense.

As early as 1973 the factory expanded with the addition of a plastics division, and it was around this time that the business relocated to its present address on Egestubben on the opposite side of the city. The tools division appeared in 1985 and these are the 3 divisions – plastics, tools and machines – which today constitute Silwa A/S.

The new situation on Egestubben was only modest. There was initially a small service station on the site, but the business expanded, making it necessary to also take a few sites on the opposite side of the road for the machines division and the remote stock. We have experienced an ongoing expansion over the years, meaning, for example, that in 1999 we took ninth place nationwide among Denmark’s “gazelle” companies.

Most important and striking in our everyday work are our company spirit and our approach to the tasks before us. The around 20 experienced employees who have been at the company for many years and so know the procedures and special areas inside out are a major factor in our success.

But the flexibility that characterizes our business is crucial too. In a high-pressure situation when a customer makes a rush order and when many others would back out, at Silwa we are prepared to go the extra mile meaning the customer gets his order met on time.

Keywords here at Silwa are quality delivered on time at competitive prices!